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Alfonsina Iona


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 20 7882 8422
Room Number: GC516
Office Hours: Wednesday: 10am - 11.30am and 5pm - 6pm


Research interests: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Economics of Innovation, Empirical Microeconomics.

Current position

Alfonsina is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the MSc Investment and Finance and MSc Banking and Finance. She is also Director of the QUMMIF Investment Fund at Queen Mary. Alfonsina holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance  from the University of Naples "Federico II", Italy.


Her research in Finance is carried out both at the theoretical and empirical level. In particular, she studies and develops models of investment where the effects of capital market imperfections contribute to shape the firm's investment; where corporate investment is affected by the public investment and where capital market imperfections effects may be relaxed by some macroeconomic variables. In this research area she also analyses how corporate governance characteristics affect the firm financing policies and how these affect the firm value.

Her research on innovation, instead, focuses on the main determinants of the adoption of innovations by firms and the impact of product, process, technological and managerial innovations on firm performance.



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  • Iona A., Leonida L. (2016) "Suboptimal financial policies and executive ownership in the UK: Evidence from a pre-crisis" Corporate Governance, Volume 16, Issue 1.
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