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Erich Battistin



Telephone: +44 20 7882 3997
Room Number: GC409
Office Hours: Monday 4-6pm


Erich Battistin is Professor of Economics at Queen Mary University of London, Senior Research Fellow at IRVAPP and Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA). He previously worked at the University of Padua, and at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies in London.

His research interests cover a variety of fields of applied economics, ranging from applied work in labour economics to more methodological aspects in programme evaluation. On these topics he published in various journals, including the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy and the Journal of Econometrics. He was the principal investigator of projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the Italian Ministry of Welfare and participated as co-investigator in several other projects funded by international organisations in Europe and in the United States. He is also consultant with the World Bank for the implementation of agriculture development programmes in Nigeria.


Research Interests:

  • Labour Economics
  • Economics of Education
  • Econometrics
  • Policy Evaluation.


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  • Angrist J., Battistin E., Vuri D. "In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Mezzogiorno", American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, (forthcoming).
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  • Battistin E., Blundell R., Lewbel A. (2009) "Why is Consumption More Log Normal Than Income? Gibrat’s Law Revisited", Journal of Political Economy, Volume 117, Number 6, pp. 1140-1154.
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